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Getting started with WordPress

Once you have WordPress installed, check out some of our priority articles that will get you started!


Whether you are using Wordpress to create a website or blog or something in the middle, there are few basics that are always best to start with!


These basics range from adding content to your sites, like pages and posts. Using the customizer to make site-wide changes that can be adding a menu and setting your homepage.


WordPress allows you to do so much and a lot of it is self-explanatory but we will try to cover as much as we can to help you in finishing your project!


We have Articles on:

  • Themes and Blocks
  • Managing your posts
  • Plugins
  • What Widgets you have access to
  • E-commerce tools
  • Social Tools
  • Marketing
  • Embedding content

And a number of different tools that you will be able to add to your site.