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Transferring and Pointing Domains

If you already have a domain that you would like to use with HostGrid there are a few steps that you will need to take to get you up and running. 

Within this article, you will learn: 

How do I transfer my domain to HostGrid?

If you did not purchase your domain through HostGrid it will not be available for you to manage in your HostGrid control panel.

We recommend that you transfer your domain from your old registrar to us so that you have access to all your domain records and have full control of your domain within your  control panel. So that you can manage all of your website's needs within one easy-to-use portal. 


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How do I point my domain to HostGrid's name servers?

If you did not purchase your domain through HostGrid you will need to point your domain to HostGrid in order for visitors to have access to your website. 

Pointing your domain to us is simply connecting your domain name to our servers (where your files are stored) and is required to get your website up and running on HostGrid's servers. 


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Domain FAQ's

When it comes to domains, there is a lot of information that could be useful for you and your website.

Check out our Domain Knowledge Base Category for more information and guides on how you can use your domain.