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Building, optimizing and securing my website

Now that you have your HostGrid subscription, you will want to get started on building your first website or making sure your already existing website gets the most out of HostGrid's features. 

This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of building, optimizing, securing, and publishing your website.  

In this article, you will learn : 

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How do I build a website?

Before you can start building your website, you will need to decide which CMS (Content Management System) you want to use. We offer our users the following:

  • Site Builder - A simple drag and drop website builder 
  • WordPress - The world's leading CMS and web builder  

Not sure which one to choose? No problem! Let's go through each one:

Site Builder

Everybody can make a website in a matter of minutes without special knowledge using the HostGrid's website builder. Site Builder offers hundreds of templates and features to choose from. These features include: 

  • Drag & Drop Editor 
  • Interactive Help
  • SEO Tools 
  • eCommerce 
  • Payment Gateways 
  • And much more!
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WordPress is the most commonly used and powerful content management system in the world, with 1 in 4 websites using its services.

It allows you to build and manage your website from one platform, offering simple customization options and a large variety of plugins that will suit your website's needs.

WordPress is great for users that want a more in-depth and detailed web building experience, providing you the tools to build a more complex website.

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How do I optimize my website? 

HostGrid offer many tools and information that can increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization), speed, and the reliability of your site. 

These tools are: 

Exposure Plus

Our SEO addon will help get your site listed as high as possible on search engines such as Google. 

Speed Kit

Our website optimization kit will help improve the performance of your website. Features include:

  • Website Caching 
  • "On-the-fly" Image Optimization 
  • Resource Prioritization and Delay
  • And Much More! 

How do I secure my website?

Now that your website is built and optimized, you need to make sure your website is secure and backed up. Not only does this mean security for your customer's data and online payments, but it will also help boost your online rankings!

HostGrid offer multiple security tools to make sure that you can rest easy. 

These tools are: 

Managed SSL (Secure Socket Layers)

Reassure your customers that you are keeping them safe with this leading SSL. Let us handle the installation for you and keep your certificate up to date so you don't need to worry about it.

Website Security

Advanced daily protection for your website. Our Website Security service constantly scans for new attacks, making sure your website is always safe. Scaling with your website's needs and with 6 layers of web server security, your website will be in safe hands.

Website Backup

You will want to keep your website safely backed up just in case anything happens. HostGrid offers its secure backup and restore service that you have complete control over. Giving you peace of mind in case anything happens to your site.

How do I publish my website?

Your website is now ready to be published online! Depending on which tool you have used to build your website will depend on how you can publish your website. 

Site Builder

It is very simple to publish your website if you used HostGrid's Site Builder. 

  • Access your website via Site Builder
  • Once your site is ready to be published online click Publish


 It's is very simple to publish your website using WordPress

  • Log in to WordPress via my.hostgrid.com
  • Click Customize Your Site 
  • Click Publish